An online iteration of #ds106 taught by Jim Groom in the summer of 2011 where students and instructor played with the notion of role-playing and identity. The course was only 5 weeks long but a longer version of this is being taught by Michael Branson Smith at CUNY.

ds106tv 7-5-11

DS106TV July 5,

ds106tv 7-6-11 “The Uprising”

DS106TV for July 6,

ds106tv 6-30-11

DS106TV for June 30,

ds106tv 6-29-11

Today’s DS106TV for June 29,

ds106tv 6-28-11

DS106TV for June 28,

ds106tv 6-27-11 Part 2

Part 2 of today’s show 6-27-

ds106tv 6-27-11 Part 1

Happy Monday (or is it?) What’s the latest with DS106 and with Dr. Oblivion

A cry for help

Yet another sighting, and this time a cry for help. What message is Dr. Oblivion trying to send

Dr. Oblivion Sighting
Day 4 and Dr. Oblivion Disappears

In a strange twist, T.A. Jim Groom is left stranded by Dr. Oblivion and left to do all the work of ds106 in his absence. The doctor’s daughter, Bianca O’Blivion gives us all the details. Meanwhile a discussion on visual design and specific assignments for the course is facilitated with Martha Burtis (@mburtis) and Tim Owens (@timmmmyboy) and later Michael Branson Smith comes on to talk about game theory and [&hellip

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