#umwfa11 Day 1 Getting Started

The great former DTLT student aide Joe Calpin (@BahtinJali) joins Jim Groom to talk about Faculty Academy and what’s going on for Day 1. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http://j-tv.me/l

Rand Borden, Founder and Creative Director, Kaiju Big Battel

Rand talks about preparing for his upcoming show in Las Vegas, describes how to make your own monster, and gives a little history about Kaiju Big Battel. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – j-tv.me

CogDog Blows Up All Your Blogs

Any little bava can do annihilation, I pull out the TNT. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http://j-tv.me/hkszf

Jim Groom on Social Media

This is a presentation for the good folks of University of Washington, Bethel. Special thanks to Will Richardson for inviting me to speak, and the #ds106 crew (Ed Webb, Noise Professor, Guilia Forsythe, Michael Smith, Lisa M. Lane, Mikhail G, Timmyboy, CogDog, and many morefor making art all the while: http://flic.kr/p/9AFJ4H (image credit Guilia Forsythe) — Recorded live on http://ds106.tv – http://j-tv.me/ifxs

Michael Kemp, McIntosh, FL Printmaker

Michael Kemp gives us a tour of his printmaking studio, “Harmless Pleasures” in McIntosh, FL. He describes past and present work, plus the printmaking process. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http://j-tv.me/gu

The Half Hour Happy Hour

with Cheeky Hudson and Nash Dongwell — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http://j-tv.me/ihde

Tour of the Navy Pier in Chicago

@Timmmmyboy pops open the cell phone for a tour of the Navy Pier during a trip to Chicago. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http://j-tv.me/gP0Qyp

Our correspondent @nottrivial Live from Evanston, Florida

An interview with a painter on ds106TV — Recorded live on ds106.tv – j-tv.me

Kaiju Big Battel at BB King in NYC

Kaiju Big Battel Live From BB King in Times Square 04/9/2011 brought to you by @nottrivial and @YorkCommTech

LIVE from the Grand Canyon

An incredible field report from the top of the Grand Canyon by the ever-faithful Todd Conaway. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http

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