Tacky Holiday Light Tour

This guy lives just a few blocks from us and puts out a crazy amount of decorations for Christmas, Halloween and a few other holidays. Christmas is by far the biggest though. Enjoy our trip through this amazing display of tacky lights!

9/28 Interview with Chris Stein

Chris Stein talks with us about design, what makes good design and how students can approach their visual design topics

The Tools for our Journey

Professor Oliver learns a lesson about the right tools for the job on this journey to the center of the internet

The Journey to the Center of the Internet Begins

Professor Oliver Lindenbrook prepares us for the journey that is about to begin and speaks with a former TA Jim Groom that worked with a professor by the name of Dr. Oblivion

Final interview between Dr. Oblivion and Jim Groom

Dr. Oblivion sits down with Jim Groom for a final interview about what has been happening, Groom’s motives and intentions, and more

Exploring Google+ Hangouts

Tim Owens leads a discussion with a few people on the merits and pitfalls of Google+ and in particular the idea of social “circles”. And there’s brief nudity by Bryan Jackson, so there’s that

EdTech Survivalist

In the Jungles of the Internet

DTLT Xposed Episode 5

@Bahtinjali and @Leelzebub share a super top secret project they’ve been cooking up. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http://j-tv.me/iMic3x