A show by the student aides, for the student aides, and with the student aides.

DTLT Xposed Episode 5

@Bahtinjali and @Leelzebub share a super top secret project they’ve been cooking up. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http://j-tv.me/iMic3x

DTLT Xposed Episode 4

Live from University of Mary Washington Faculty Academy 2011 we are joined by some excellent DTLT student aides and a guest appears out of nowhere, Zach Whalen, a UMW English Professor. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http://j-tv.me/lGXJbp

DTLT Xposed Episode 3

An entire episode dedicated to the great Martha Burtis. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http://j-tv.me/muDJv

DTLTXposed Episode 2

In this episode we learn about the man behind the DS106TV kit at DTLT, Andy Rush. We also get a background look at how the setup is put together. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http

DTLT Xposed Episode 1

The inaugural episode of DTLT Exposed, an inside look at the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies with 2 student aides Leigh Ellis and Jenn Arndt. — Recorded live on ds106.tv – http