ds106TV is powered by a website called Justin.TV that allows anyone with a webcam to broadcast live to the web and mobile devices. If you like what you’re seeing here and want to get involved, you’re on the right page.

Login Information

For now if you want to broadcast on ds106TV send a message to @timmmmyboy or @jimgroom.


Once you have the login you have a few options for how to broadcast. Below are a few:

  • Webcam – Login to Justin.tv and click the red “Go Live!” button to broadcast using any connected camera or webcam on your computer through the website using a Flash streamer.
  • Mobile – If you have an iOS or Android device, there are applications that will allow you to broadcast directly from your phone. Links to download the applications are here.
  • Desktop Programs – Justin.TV supports two types of desktop streaming programs, Flash Media Encoder (which is free), and Wirecast (which is not). The benefit of using a dedicated desktop program to stream is the ability to take advantage of desktop sharing, lower thirds, and other more fancy display options for your broadcast.

Archived Recordings

Justin.TV archives all live broadcasts by default and stores them for 7 days. Any user can go the archived video page and choose to create a “highlight” which can be an entire video, or just a clip from a longer video. Highlights are stored indefinitely so it’s important if you broadcasted something that you want to have published here on ds106TV permanently, that you highlight your broadcast afterwards. All video highlights are funneled through YouTube for ad-free embedding and published here.

Advanced Tutorials

Looking to do something fancier than just show your face on ds106TV? I sure hope so. Here’s a few places to start: