Final interview between Dr. Oblivion and Jim Groom

Dr. Oblivion sits down with Jim Groom for a final interview about what has been happening, Groom’s motives and intentions, and more

Message from Dr. Oblivion at Camp Oblivion

Dr. Oblivion, after being checked by the authorities and declared safe, gives a few words of encouragement and receives a surprise reunion

Bianca’s Last Broadcast

Bianca Oblivion returns from meeting her father in the flesh after 27 years to give a few final words

Camp Oblivion Suspect Exposed

Sheriff John Bottom of local Camp Oblivion authorities reveals their prime suspect being charged with the deaths of ds107 and the attempted murder of Jim Groom and Dr. Oblivion

Camp Oblivion Press Conference

Agent Kim Droom takes the feed for a live press conference announcing the findings directly from the crime scene known as “Camp Oblivion&#

Exploring Google+ Hangouts

Tim Owens leads a discussion with a few people on the merits and pitfalls of Google+ and in particular the idea of social “circles”. And there’s brief nudity by Bryan Jackson, so there’s that

July 14th Class – Video Editing

Andy Rush brings a wealth of knowledge about formats, codecs, resolutions and more in this episode of ds106tv during the Summer of Oblivion

July 13th Video Episode

Jim Groom’s twin brother Tim broadcasts from a rather curious remote location to talk about video. Links to all the videos mentioned are available at

Web Stories

Martha Burtis and Tim Owens take a look at using Firebug and Screengrab, 2 Firefox extensions, to change text and images of websites to tell a new story

ds106tv 7-7-11 Jim Groom is Missing

DS106TV for July 7, 2011. Jim Groom goes missing!

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