ds106tv 6-27-11 Part 2

Part 2 of today’s show 6-27-

ds106tv 6-27-11 Part 1

Happy Monday (or is it?) What’s the latest with DS106 and with Dr. Oblivion

A cry for help

Yet another sighting, and this time a cry for help. What message is Dr. Oblivion trying to send

Dr Oblivion Bitmap to Vector

Michael Branson Smith provides an excellent tutorial on coverting bitmap images to vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator

Dr. Oblivion Sighting
Creating an album cover

Timmmmyboy jumps on ds106TV to do another visual assignment and walk you all through the process using a tool called “Aviary” that is totally free

Day 4 and Dr. Oblivion Disappears

In a strange twist, T.A. Jim Groom is left stranded by Dr. Oblivion and left to do all the work of ds106 in his absence. The doctor’s daughter, Bianca O’Blivion gives us all the details. Meanwhile a discussion on visual design and specific assignments for the course is facilitated with Martha Burtis (@mburtis) and Tim Owens (@timmmmyboy) and later Michael Branson Smith comes on to talk about game theory and [&hellip

Dr. Oblivion Day 3 Broadcast
Dr. Oblivion Day Two

Dr. Oblivion responds to a few blog posts and comments in the live chat and Twitter feed and takes the time to talk about WordPress and getting started with themes and plugins

Dr. Oblivion welcomes you to ds106

In this introductory video we learn who Dr. Oblivion is and what his role is in this class, as well as what you will be expected to accomplish in the next 5 weeks

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