The Big Hip Hop

ds106 Design Assignment Tutorial using the free Phoenix Image Editor from the Aviary Toolset at

DTLT Xposed Episode 5

@Bahtinjali and @Leelzebub share a super top secret project they’ve been cooking up. — Recorded live on –

Maker Faire Highlights

@noiseprofessor giving us live highlights from Maker Faire. — Recorded live on

End of Theremin Tribute, @bryanjack says goodnight

@drgarcia @giuliaforsythe @bryanjack from Sanctuary, Vancouver, BC. Northern Voice 2011 — Recorded live on –

Jim Groom gives guided tour of Sanctuary attic

Jim Groom shows us around the attic of Sanctuary, a music space in Vancouver, BC during Northern Voice 2011 afterparty. — Recorded live on –

Jim and Martha tell the story of ds106

An impromptu talk during lunch at UMW’s Faculty Academy 2011 where Jim Groom and Martha Burtis describe how their Digital Storytelling class was conceived, the technology behind it, and how the open online component of the class changed things in an amazing way. — Recorded live on –

DTLT Xposed Episode 4

Live from University of Mary Washington Faculty Academy 2011 we are joined by some excellent DTLT student aides and a guest appears out of nowhere, Zach Whalen, a UMW English Professor. — Recorded live on –

#umwfa11 Day 1 Getting Started

The great former DTLT student aide Joe Calpin (@BahtinJali) joins Jim Groom to talk about Faculty Academy and what’s going on for Day 1. — Recorded live on –

LIVE with @DrGarcia going to the beach

@DrGarcia takes a stroll down to the beach in Pacific Grove, California. — Recorded live on –

Rand Borden, Founder and Creative Director, Kaiju Big Battel

Rand talks about preparing for his upcoming show in Las Vegas, describes how to make your own monster, and gives a little history about Kaiju Big Battel. — Recorded live on –

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