CogDog Blows Up All Your Blogs

Any little bava can do annihilation, I pull out the TNT. — Recorded live on –

Jim Groom on Social Media

This is a presentation for the good folks of University of Washington, Bethel. Special thanks to Will Richardson for inviting me to speak, and the #ds106 crew (Ed Webb, Noise Professor, Guilia Forsythe, Michael Smith, Lisa M. Lane, Mikhail G, Timmyboy, CogDog, and many morefor making art all the while: (image credit Guilia Forsythe) — Recorded live on –

Michael Kemp, McIntosh, FL Printmaker

Michael Kemp gives us a tour of his printmaking studio, “Harmless Pleasures” in McIntosh, FL. He describes past and present work, plus the printmaking process. — Recorded live on –

The Half Hour Happy Hour

with Cheeky Hudson and Nash Dongwell — Recorded live on –

Tour of the Navy Pier in Chicago

@Timmmmyboy pops open the cell phone for a tour of the Navy Pier during a trip to Chicago. — Recorded live on –

Post Meltdown Reflection

It seemed like a good idea at first. In reality it was just another belly-floop. — Recorded live on –

Our correspondent @nottrivial Live from Evanston, Florida

An interview with a painter on ds106TV — Recorded live on –

scottlo meets cogdog in SL

while testing out bringing the second life experience to ds106tv, I was fortunate be joined by cogdog at a random location — Recorded live on –

Scott Lo narrates his trip to work

After shooting video of his commute to a teaching job, Scott Lo narrates the story of the trip. — Recorded live on –

Scott Lo interviews Jim Groom

Another piece during his night of procrastinating, Scott Lo interviews Jim Groom about ds106 and chats about all kinds of things related to the course and life in general. — Recorded live on –

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